gifts of pecan :: Lunar New Year

February 2021, Berkeley

HAPPY NEW MOON AND LUNAR NEW YEAR. ピーカンナッツを食べながら、ロビン・ウォール・キマラーの文章を読みました。

Happy New Moon and Lunar New Year! ✨🌝✨

Photo: beautiful pecan nuts 🐿 写真は、ピーカンナッツ。

「ピーカンはピーカン・ヒッコリー(学名Carya illinoensis)という木の実で、すべての『木の実』を表すpiganというネイティブアメリカンの言葉が語源だ。



「植物と叡智の守り人」ロビン・ウォール・キマラー (三木直子訳)

“The word ‘pecan’ - the fruit of the tree known as the pecan hickory (Carya illinoensis) - comes to English from Indigenous languages. ‘Pigan’ is a nut, any nut. The hickories, black walnuts, and butternuts of our northern homelands have their own specific names. “


“How generously they shower us with food, literally giving themselves so that we can live. But in the giving their lives are also ensured. Our taking returns benefit to them in the circle of life making life, the chain of reciprocity. Living by the percepts of the Honorable Harvest - to take only what is given, to use it well, to be grateful for the gift, and to reciprocate the gift - is easy in a pecan grove. We reciprocate the gift by taking care of the grove, protecting it from harm, planting seeds so that new groves will shade the prairie and feed the squirrels. “

Robin Wall Kimmerer, “Braiding Sweetgrass” 2013